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Everybody wants a better life. Being all you can be doesn’t have to be hard, though it does take effort. Despite what some with an agenda may say, there are no secrets to personal development and unlimited achievement. Here’s the key: Change your thoughts and attitude and you change your life. Simple, right?

The beauty in this is that there are several very effective ways to change your thought and keep the changes. In fact, most people are so close to the answer it’s uncanny. We’ve all seen flies in the summertime bumping against a screen frantically trying to get outside. They pound away while the opening in the screen is only an inch away. How do they miss that opening?

Of course, we’re not flies but people do sometimes behave in a similar fashion. The answers are close at hand but we so often miss them while pursuing activities that actually keep us from where we want to be.

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The Fallacy Of Taking Action

Anyone seeking success hears it day in and day out: To be successful you need to take action. I doubt there would be many that would challenge that statement. But before knocking yourself out in the action category, there’s something you should know… Read the entire article>> The Fallacy Of Taking Action


Joy Is Where You Find It: Inspirational Movies

Inspiration and joy often show up at the strangest times. It seems that we often find wonderful things when we are least expecting them, and that’s one of life’s great rewards. I expected pretty much the same Hollywood slapstick schlock and was pleasantly surprised, even moved. Read the entire article>> Joy Is Where You Find It: Inspirational Movies


Choking Off The Roots Of Anger

There are some methods of personal development that are able to effect rapid change without having to gain access to the root cause of a particular behavior. There are also behaviors that are so deeply rooted that getting to the cause is the essential element in overcoming the issue. Dealing with anger is often requires a thorough examination of the cause. Read the entire article>> Choking Off The Roots Of Anger


Making Room For What You Want In Life

I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants a better life. But to effectively make the transition from where you are to where you want to be takes preparation and then effort. Perhaps the most important aspect of living the life you want to live is making room for it. And I’m not talking about cleaning out your closets. Read the entire article>> Making Room For What You Want In Life


Six Simple Strategies For Daily Peace

The manner in which we organize our day as well as our attitude throughout the day has a tremendous effect on reducing stress. Adopting these six simple strategies is guaranteed to make your days far more productive and free from stress. Read the entire article>> Six Simple Strategies For Daily Peace


Open Your Eyes To Your Natural Talent

Why is it that some people seem to be naturally motivated while others struggle endlessly with procrastination? There is a human element that moves many to action. Everyone has it, though the understanding that aspect of one’s self and getting in touch with it can be elusive. Read the entire article>> Open Your Eyes To Your Natural Talent


Strategies For Using The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever set goals and worked hard toward them only to fall short? Or maybe you’ve actually reached your goal and then somehow lost it suddenly or discovered it wasn’t what you really wanted in the first place. You might be surprised at the reasons why. Read the entire article>> Strategies For Using The LOA


Unleashing The Power Of Hypnosis and NLP 

Success in the area of personal development and success doesn’t have to take years. There are several rapid-change technologies available designed to rewrite human programming. NLP is one such technology. Read the entire article>> Unleashing The Power Of Hypnosis and NLP 


The Law of Attraction And Constructive Selfishness

What if selfishness was a good thing? Not the Gordon Gekko greed is good thing. It might seem like a contradiction but people always act in what they feel is best for them. It’s true. Even the most altruistic folks do good things because it makes them feel good first. Read the entire article>> The Law of Attraction And Constructive Selfishness


Peyote, Deception and ButterFlies – An Unusual Case Of The Law Of Attraction In Action

When I was a kid I had an imaginary friend named Chet. Unlike others with imaginary friends, mine is still around. Sometimes he visits late at night and relates the strangest stories from the Bellingus Family History collection. Read the entire article>> Peyote, Deception and Butterflies


A Parable on Common Sense

A walk in the woods reveals the startling absurdity of human nature. Read the entire article>> A Parable on Common Sense


How Laziness Helped Me Overcome Procrastination

The above title seems silly, doesn’t it? It’s not really. People stress and strain and do all sorts of crazy things to get themselves motivated. But none of that’s really necessary. Remember Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz? After an adventure to beat all adventures the good witch Glinda laid out the plain truth. In her explanation to Dorothy about getting back to Kansas she said, “You’ve always had the power my dear. You’ve had it all along.”  You’ve got the power to overcome procrastination too. And it doesn’t take a lot of fuss or stress. Read the entire article>> How Laziness Helped Me Overcome Procrastination


How To Talk To Yourself For Fun And Profit

Earl Nightingale, the co-founder of Nightingale Conant said, “we become what we think about.” So if that’s true what do you spend your time thinking about when no one else is around? Some people are downright cruel when addressing themselves. Find out how easy it is to fix that. Read the entire article>> How To Talk To Yourself For Fun And Profit


The Law Of Attraction Is Everywhere

There’s no getting around it. The law of attraction is the one universal law. It’s the only thing that virtually every religion agrees upon because it’s the prime mover for all things. Read the entire article>> The Law Of Attraction Is Everywhere


Kane, A Lesson In Love

Discover how a two-year old boy with every reason to be angry changed an entire family with his powerful energy and love. Read the entire story>> Kane, A Lesson In Love


NLP Anchors Explained

Recognizing resourceful moods and “linking” to them by installing creative cues offers a legitimate shortcut to self improvement. Read the entire article>> NLP Anchors Explained


 A First Hand Account Of The Law Of Attraction At Work

 An interesting tale of a wise man allowing his cocky grandson just enough rope to understand the true nature of life. Read the entire article>> A First Hand Account Of The Law Of Attraction At Work


How To Use NLP To Exorcize Your Demons And Start Attracting Health, Love and Money

Humans are magnets. We attract people, places and things that align with our dominant thoughts and attitudes. This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the Law Of Attraction. Some cringe just hearing that phrase. Perhaps that’s because some people have been misrepresenting the LOA to turn a fast buck. Read the entire article>> How To Use NLP To Exorcize Your Demons And Start Attracting Health, Love and Money



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